Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Carrolltowne Elementary - Locked Down

Carrolltowne Elementary school in Eldersburg was locked down today because of a robbery at the nearby Susquehanna Bank. For the safety of the children all doors were locked and there was limited access. This makes sense, right?

Fortunately, the suspect was apprehended by Carroll County's finest. He was hiding under a children's pool in someone's back yard. I'm not sure if they labeled him a person of interest or a suspect, but when you're hiding under a kiddie pool in the middle of winter - you're guilty of something.

And speaking of locked down, as of Sunday Carrolltowne Elementary School had yet to remove the snow from the emergency exits of the portable classrooms. I suspect that this may be a violation. If my children were in these classrooms I would have called and complained while subsequently going up there and shoveling it myself. I wonder what school administrators and the fire marshal have to say about this.

And as I stated before I took these photographs on Sunday after the kids had been in school for 3 days.

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