Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Up to Comment Censoring

Yesterday I mentioned how I post comments on other blogs and all of them except one post my comments. Adam Pagnucco, one of the writers of Maryland Politics Watch, responded within 3 hours of my comment and stated that it is their policy not to post anonymous comments. If you don't read the comments at the end of the my posts, some of these were mentioned by me:

Here are my thoughts:
1) How did you find my comment about your blog? Do you read my blog? Or are you web crawling for your names?
2) Anonymous? My name is Eludius.
3) Their policy prevents the likes of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton from posting on their blog. If you read American history you know that when they sent letters to the newspapers criticizing their opponents they always used a pseudonym. For those of you that attended Baltimore City public schools, a pseudonym is a fictitious name.
4) Others that would not be able to post comments because of their pseudonyms: Batman, Sting, Snoop-Dogg, Eminem, Wonder Woman, 50 Cent, Axl Rose, Dido, Lulu, Aqua Man, Meatloaf, Pink, Prince, and Lady Gaga. Are you saying that if they commented on your blog you wouldn't post it?

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