Friday, May 16, 2008

Van Halen comes to Baltimore

I'm kind of bummed. I was very psyched to blog about my concert experience last night at the fabulous Baltimore Arena. Van Halen, my all-time favorite band ever, reunited with David Lee Roth, DLR for those of us in "the know".

Later in the day I decided to do a Google search to see if anyone else had blogged about the concert. I typed in "Van Halen Baltimore". Not too many articles. To make matters worse - I didn't even see my blog! WTF???

I used "Van Halen" and "Baltimore" as my labels for the post. The names were strewn out throughout my blog posting. Yet Google couldn't find it.

Then I did a search for my fabulous nickname, Eludius. It pulled up 2 articles. Two! I've written well over one hundred articles and it found two???

Someone help me here. How do I increase my visibility? Perhaps some of you 20-something people who like to talk about people's farting habits have a tidbit of help that you could provide. If people could find me they would realize how hot I am - my writing, of course.

And for everyone's peace of mind - my entire group made it back home last night. Some of them aren't sure how they got there, but they made it. Several called out sick. A couple planned to be off. Most were hung over.

I felt fine until about 2pm, then the beer sludge hit me and dragged me to the floor. Ugh. What happened? I was drinking liquids all day. Perhaps it was the beer sleep. Beer sleep is never good. You drink 5 beers then fall asleep - you might as well not go to sleep because you will still feel like crap. Six hours of beer sleep is equivalent to 1 hour of real sleep. I think it's time for bed.


s_baghaii said...

There are a lot of splogs, spam blogs, out there now so it is a little tougher to find blogs using regular google searches. Splogs were frequently ranking number one and frustrating users so now all bloggers suffer because of this bad behavior. However, searching for some terms that I think are relevant using, I found information about your blog and related blogs.

I searched for "No'Malley" and "Eludius" and found your blog and a few of your entries. I also found information about Maryland Republicans. What is a Maryland Republican? Is that like the tooth fairy or Santa Claus?

KaliTime said...

You can also try putting yourself in different blog directories., Technorati,, Blogarama, and Ice Rocket come to mind off the top of my head. There's also a utility on some sites that allows you to ping multiple sites simultaneously.

You can read more about it here. Hope this helps and have a great weekend.

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