Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It's so nice to take a 4 day weekend. I requested off on Friday and we already had off on Monday, so I got myself a 4 day weekend. I had lots of plan. Lots of work to do around the house. However, I think that I suffer grand delusions.

My plan Friday was to strip and recaulk the shower in our bathroom. Then I would clean the utility room, clean out the garage, shred papers, mow the lawn, and watch the movie Tombstone.

I started by stripping and caulking the bathroom. I finished that, but it took three hours. So I ate lunch, then watched Tombstone. By the time the movie was done, it was time to get the kids from the bus stop. After chatting, dinner, and some fishing at the pond, Friday was done.

So on to Saturday. My plan for Saturday was to cut the lawn, clean the garage, clean the utility room, watch a movie, and shred papers, then go to a dinner party hosted by one of my wife's friends. I mowed the lawn, did some other yard work, watched part of the movie, and went to the party. That garage and utility room aren't looking so good.

The dinner party was nice. It was at my wife's parent's house in Howard County. It was in this neighborhood with big houses and lots of land. Well, lot's of land to me. Most had a couple of acres. The food was great. I had some Polish beer I'd never heard of. Then I had 4 more. The crab dip actually had crab in it. And not just crab. I think somehow they deshelled several entire crabs. Chunks of meat were as big as that last tax increase that O'Malley gave us.

The company was mixed. I knew most of the people. The guys seem to be a bunch of old business boys. Lot's of prick talk. That doesn't interest me too much. So I went and gabbed with the ladies.

There were a couple of funny moments. One, the son of one the families came in and someone said that he had just hit another girl. Asked why he did it, he said she was being annoying. In response his father yelled, "You go apologize to her. What, do you think you're married to her or something?"

At another time, his younger brother was walking around with his hand down in his pants holdings his mini junk. Same father yells, "Get your hands out of you pants! You'll have plenty of time to play with yourself when you get married." LMBMFAO! (figure that one out!)

On Sunday, my wife informed me that we were going to the zoo - again. We've already been there a couple of times, but we have an annual membership, so we might as well go 55 times a year, right??? However, this time we were going to see the new baby elephant. Didn't they name him MD4Bush or Structural Deficit??? Anyway, we also learned that one of the giraffe's died the previous day. Boo....(a sad boo)

We then visited my grandfather. It was Memorial Day weekend, after all. He was in the Big One, you know? Dub-ya Dub-ya 2. That's World War II to people have never watched All in the Family. It's all about American this weekend. God Bless America, and no one else!!!

After an hour visit in which we had to remind him 30 times that his new great-granddaughter (hey - he'll be 91 this year) was not his new great-grandson, he headed to BJ's for food. Try going to BJ's and not asking your wife if she likes BJ's. It's impossible to do. So after BJ's we went home, made dinner, cleaned the house - no garage. No utility room.

Monday - I planned to clean the garage, clean the utility room, clean the bedroom, shred some papers in the garage, and go fishing with my son at Liberty Reservoir. I told him that we would get up early and leave. So at 5:15 he comes running into my room to tell me it's time to go. This isn't exactly what I had in mind. I told him to go back to bed and sleep until 7am, then we would go. He goes to his room, but runs back with his clock in his hand and says, "I think my clock is broken, because it already says it's after 7 o'clock." Ugh. I grab him and pull him into bed with me. We fall asleep until about 7-ish.

Fishing was fun. We didn't catch anything, but did see some catfish and a couple of bass. Coming home he starts singing "Walk Away" by Joe Walsh. How awesome is that?

Finally at home, I clean the garage, clean the bedroom, and watch another movie - The Savages. My son begs me to go fishing again at the pond behind our house. I cave after dinner and we go. However, along the way my daughters asks, "Papa, did Ozzie Osbourne sing Crazy Train?" OMG - what could make a father more proud than when his daughter asks that question? Though I never go to that utility room, it was awesome and a great cap to a great weekend.

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