Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Judge Endorses Murder

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Manck endorsed the murdering of correctional officers when he denied the death penalty for Brandon Morris. Brandon Morris murdered Correctional Officer Jeffery Wroten in an escape from Washington County Hospital.

What makes the case ironic is that the victim's family wanted the death penalty for Morris, but Judge Manck decided that he would not allow Morris to be sentenced to the death penalty so as to give the victim's family closure.

Rumors spread through the court system when someone reporting spotting Judge Manck receiving an envelope full of money from an undercover ACLU member. The ACLU was supportive of Morris and were delighted that he practiced his free speech rights during the trial when he berated the guards with profanity and gave the finger to the Wroten's family, which included Wroten's four daughters aged 7 to 13.

One can only image what it will take to get the death penalty in Maryland. It's now okay to murder regular citizens. It's okay to murder a corrections officer. Do you think murdering a judge or the governor would land one on death row in Maryland? Somehow I think that would be "different".


CAG Incognito said...

I've never been a strong supporter of the death penalty. I'd rather have someone rot away in jail while going completely insane from the jail walls closing in on him/her by the second. I think the death penalty is an easy escape for inmates having to deal with their crimes and sins. I don't know. Just a thought..

CAG Incognito said...
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