Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Bus Beating, Another Day

Another person was beaten on an MTA bus this weekend. This has become such commonplace that the story barely made the front page of the Maryland section of the Baltimore Sun.

Apparently 2 youths beat a 19 year old Towson man in Towson. The Baltimore City police provided an extensive description of the assailants. They describe the 2 youths as male. If you see 2 "males", these may the perpetraitors.

Now, while violence on our city's public transportation is a horrific crime, not only against the victim, but against our society as a whole, one has to ask yourself, "What the hell was this dude doing on public transportation?" It is now common knowledge that the highly identifiable "males" of Baltimore City like to beat up patrons of public transportation.

People that ride public transportation during non-rush hours are either incredibly stupid or looking for a fight. For the incredibly stupid, the MTA and the Baltimore City Police Department have already shown that they are not interested in the safety of the public.

Baltimore City prosecutors dropped charges against several perpetraitors over the weekend. They insinuated that there was no proof that the victim didn't, in fact, smash her face against the feet and fists of the alleged defendants.

Additionally, it appears that as a matter of public policy, MTA buses turn off their video cameras when crimes occur in order to not be held accountable for the crimes that they do not report. Therefore, there really is NO evidence that this crime even occurred. I suspect that this is a policy initiated by former Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley. If less crimes are reported, then obviously crime is going down.

On a side note, Sheila Dixon's office did not say that this crime could have been prevented.

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