Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bawlmer Sun

We all know that the Baltimore Sun is a mere shell of what it used to be. Once considered one of the best newspapers in the country, it is now a propoganda machine for the Democratic party with its one-sided views and reduced staff.

Unfortunately, the Baltimore Sun is the only game in town. If you want the news, you read The Sun.

So I am reading today and I am appalled at the quality of two articles. My third grader would have caught these mistakes. Perhaps the spell-checker and grammar checker were down yesterday.

In the article "Repeal of tax law being considered" by Timothy B. Wheeler, you see:

About 42 percent of the homeowners to whom assessment notices were maiiled at the end of last year have filed applications for the homestead tax credit, said C. John Sullivan Jr.,

In the sports section, we read the article "It's not Angelos' fault" by Roch Kubatko and Jeff Zrebiec and see:

Asked whether Angelos were responsible for nixing a deal, MacPhail responded, "No."

Perhaps I am wrong and Peter Angelos has multiple personalities granting him permission to refer to himself in the plural.

Shame on the Baltimore Sun for putting such crap into print. I wiil know tolurate there lack of attension to detale any morr!!! morr!!!

Quick shout out to my son who turns 6 years old today! Happy Birthday!!!

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