Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Closed in Eldersburg - Virginia's Rose Consignment Shop

Effective on August 20th, Virginia's Rose Consignment Shop in the Oklahoma Center on Liberty Road closed, which, coincidentally, was probably the last time I wrote a blog post.

On their Facebook page, Linda Szarko announced that they were closing, but gave no reason.  I suspect that there is not a lot of traffic for consignment shops in Eldersburg, especially since there are several, including one in Eldersburg Plaza.

I went into the shop once out of curiosity and it was definitely nice.  Unfortunately for them, I never needed any furniture or accessories.  The LEASE signs went up very fast.

This now makes 4 available units in Oklahoma Center, considering Virginia's Rose as two units, and the former Pap-Pap's as two units.  By the way, I peeked in Pap-Pap's and all of the kitchen items are now gone.  Seems like the evacuation is permanent.

So this leads to the question - what do you think should replace these defunct establishments?  My vote is for a Car Max.  Just kidding.  Perhaps this would be a good opportunity for J&Y Tokyo Market to relocate.  That place is too small and they always seem busy.  And their sushi is pretty good, too, regardless of what they say about Carroll County sushi.

This is Virginia's Rose after they originally opened.

Here are their for lease signs now in the windows.


AJ said...

Eldersburg has a huge identity problem. We are listed as one of the best places to live with higher median incomes and attracting Howard County residents, but then we have multiple consignment stores, a Goodwill, and Super Walmart coming.

Brewtime said...

I know what should go in there. Liquor store a dry cleaner, nail shop and a Yogurt shop.

Murfy said...

I just read about Pap pap and now this? We actually bought 4 nice framed pictures there, for our living and dining room. I would go every so often and it seemed that inventory didn't change often. It had some nice stuff. I don't think consignment stores are a bad thing,I mean look at downtown Frederick, they have a ton. Some they call antiques, LOL, but they are mostly consignment. how sad.

HON said...

according to court records, Linda Szarko, (owner of the defunct Virginia's Rose consignment store) filed for absolute divorce against her husband Daniel on May 15, 2013. The store closed 3 months later on August 15, 2013. There appear to be previous consignors trying to contact Linda about payments still owed them. Seems like the owners of the property she was renting her store from have also filed a civil complaint against her.

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