Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Martin O'Malley Saves 368 Babies!

If Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley insists on twisting and misrepresenting the truth, then darn-it, so am I!

Last week, O'Malley declared that he saved 368 babies.  What an amazing feat!  Here's the exact quote: "Since 2008, we've saved the lives of 368 babies...".  I can just picture him rolling up his sleeves and walking through the slums of Baltimore saving babies.  Like, when he's not rocking with his band, he's out saving babies.

Then another part of me says, "How can he brag about saving babies while at the same time endorsing abortion as a form of birth control?  Isn't that like killing babies rather than saving babies?"  Then I'm all confused.  And does the mortality rate include abortions?  Or are they conveniently excluded?  I did find this page of statistics.  Did you know that women in New York City terminate about 41% of all pregnancies?  Wouldn't birth control pills be cheaper?

Anyway, Governor O'Malley made this announce alongside Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. That got me to thinking.....what the heck is mental hygiene?  Is there a process of mental cleansing?  Can I prescribe to some preventative mental therapy to keep my emotions in good working order?  Can I get all of these bad thoughts out of my head?  Is mental hygiene a euphemism for yoga?  I need to look into this.

Then this article mentioned that the infant mortality rate in Baltimore is down to 9.7.  Doesn't it sound like they're bragging here?   This mortality rate is worse than Civil war-torn Sri Lanka.  In the United States, the worst state for infant mortality is Mississippi at 9.67.  Baltimore is worse than Mississippi! I guess this gives Tony Brown an excuse to run for governor.  There's more work to be done.  Because if we elect a Republican, surely we'll lose all the progress we've made in saving babies.

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