Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Carrolltown Mall Burns Down Again....Well, Not Really

Last Saturday I was going to drop off some overdue stuff at the library (heard that before, right?).  I noticed some fire trucks in the parking lot of Carrolltown Mall?  Did it burn down?  Again?  Remember the great Carrolltown Mall fire of 2007?

Sadly, no.  I couldn't quite figure out what they were doing.  The lights were off on the apparatus.  But there were 2 trucks from Sykesville Freedom and another from Winfield.  The trucks look staged.  However, if you look closely, there is a ladder on the side of the building and I saw a few guys on the roof.  Perhaps someone smelled smoke in one of the ventilation units because they finally turned on the heat and all of the dust that has built up over the past 15 years started to cook.

Anyway, the mall is still there.  Unfortunately.  Big Lots seems to be staying.  Unfortunately.  I emailed Black Oak Associates for clarification on what is going on with Big Lots.  They did not respond.  But I did see that Dollar General is slashing prices, so hopefully their filth will be gone soon.  And the fake arcade store moved into the old Blockbuster.  And TZ Sports is now empty.  I emailed them about where they're going and they referred me to their website, which for some reason was blocked at work.

Now that I'm not at work, their website says:

Due to the Carrolltown Mall redevelopment project and excelerated time table we will be  closing our doors at this location. 

The last day of operation will be Friday September 13.

We will continue to update you on our progress in finding a temporary and permanent location via this site. For specific questions about training and programs use the TZ Sports Team link and send an email to the appropriate Coach. 

All of us here at TZSPORTS thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you in the very near future!

Does anyone else have any Carrolltown Mall updates?


Unknown said...

See this article.

Tony said...

Word on the street is that TZ is going to be in a space next to Gold's Gym. Dollar General is closing in October. Big Lots got a 5 year lease.

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