Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Martin's Grocery Store in Eldersburg Burns Down!

Don't you love the rumor mill?  I subscribed to the Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department's page on Facebook, so I get updates when they post them.  And apparently others in my circle of friends subscribe to it also, because the rumor of the fire spread quickly.

Around 11am they posted that they were responding to smoke in Martin's in Eldersburg.  Later posts indicated that units from Carroll County, Howard County, and Baltimore County responded to put out an electrical fire.  I think at one point I saw that there were 11 apparatuses at the scene.

Then as the posts were shared, it was reported that there was a big fire in the store.  Then the roof collapsed.  Then the store burned down.  Then people were hurt.  Then the rumors ebbed back to reality, but the store was going to be closed for several days while the roof was repaired.  There was comments that the power was out for several hours and all of the refrigerated and frozen foods needed to be destroyed.

Later this evening, my wife went to Kohl's and said that there were people shopping at Martin's.  It's absolutely amazing that the store can burn down, then several hours later be totally rebuilt and restocked and open for business.  I LOVE the 21st century!

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Unknown said...

I work at Martins. Yes, a lot of food had to be thrown away due to the power outage. We were able to salvage quite a bit using refrigerated trucks though. It was fun getting screamed at by customers who seemed to believe that I personally set the fire and set out to ruin their day.

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