Monday, September 09, 2013

Carrolltowne Elementary Parents - Stand-Down!

We got a memo from the school informing us of a new rule at Carrolltowne Elementary School.  Effective immediately, when a parent visits a child to have lunch with them, they are now ostracized to a new "parent table".

I don't know about you, but when I went to visit my kids for lunch at school, and I've been visiting kids for 10 years, I think it's a great opportunity to interact with my son and his friends and get to know who his influences are.  But apparently, Carrolltowne administrators think we need to not know who my kids friends are.

What do you suspect the reason is for this child interaction ban?  The memo says that a situation occurred recently.  My guess is that a parent heard something that should not have been communicated outside of the school, then went around telling all of the other helicopter parents until it got back to someone who was smart enough to report it.  I generally think that parents are clueless about was is appropriate and what is not.

Fortunately, per the memo, the new parent table will provide a safe environment for our children.  Way to spin it with a double-scoop of rhetoric.

What's the expression the young kids use these days?  Shaking my damn head? SMDH.


Brewtime said...

I have been eating lunch with my kids at Carrolltowne for 8 years and like you like to see who their friends are. You are prob right some Mom got bent out of shape and as a result everyone is made to suffer.

Murfy said...

I wonder what could have possibly happened? We go to another school, so I hope it is not something that is passed along to other schools as a good idea. I like conversing with my kids' friends and seeing who they are. Hopefully something very, very bad didn't happen. (my thoughts went somewhere else besides gossip/drama stuff)

Laurel said...

When I used to have lunch with my kids at another local elementary school, there was a mom there who was completely off the hook. She used to start food fights! Just sayin.

Brewtime said...

I went last week to eat with my forth grader and the Parents table was gone. I was able to sit with my daugher and here friends.

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