Monday, September 30, 2013

Carrolltown Mall Demolition Imminent

When I drove by the derelict Carrolltown Mall the other day I noticed they were installing chain-link fencing around the rear perimeter.  It seems imminent that the mall will be demolished.

TZ Sports has vacated.  The fly-by-night arcade game place has moved to the vacated Blockbuster Video pad.  The luxury movie theater has moved from......oh, wait.  Never mind.  I wonder if TZ Sports gets to keep their sign.  I'm sure they spent a decent amount of money on this.

All 6 churches have moved out.  All 9 fitness places have moved out.  Dollar General will be gone soon.  I think the only thing left is Big Lots.  Someone left a comment on a previous blog post stating that Big Lots signed a 5 year extension.  That would explain Dixon Harvey's comment that a household items store will be in the new center.  I don't think he specifically said a "new" household items store would move in.

The first sign of a wrecking ball at Carrolltown Mall will result in me taking a personal day from work and I'll video tape the entire demolition.  Who's with me?!!!

So much for overflow parking for Carrolltowne Elementary School.

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Unknown said...

Dixon Harvey says in this article that Big Lots will be there for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure if that means they will relocate to another newer structure within the same shopping center or if the site plan will work around the exisiting BigLots. I'm sure that information will be available at the zoning meeting occurring tonight.

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