Thursday, November 10, 2011

Relocated in Eldersburg: Glazed To Perfection

If you've ever been to the Glazed To Perfection store in Peddler's Square in Eldersburg, you know how cool this place is. You go in, pick a ceramic piece that you like, then you pick the colors you want to use to paint it, then you paint it. When you're done, the item gets put in the queue. When the queue if full, they fire it for you. When it's done, they'll call you and you come pick it up and pay for it.

Glazed to Perfection is a great place for kid parties. It's a cool place to go and be creative.

You can imagine my surprise and disappointment this week when I drove by and noticed that the sign was gone and the windows papered up. I took a picture and was fully ready to write another disappointing article about how another business closed. On another journey, I saw that the old Curves place in Monroe Station had a new occupant, so I drove back to take a picture of the new business. To my surprise that new occupant is....Glazed to Perfection!

So rather than reporting a loss of business, I am happy to report that Glazed to Perfection just moved. This store location has been a video store, Curves for Women, and now Glazed to Perfection. I think it was something before the video store, but that was before I started taking an active interest in the town.

So here's to Glazed to Perfection! Stop by and check out their new location.

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