Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Owings Mills - Lyon's Mill Road Widening

Have you been down Lyon's Mill Road in Owings Mills lately? It sure looks like the county is getting ready to widen it between Marriottsville Road and Owings Mills Boulevard. Remember when that was a quaint country road? No more! Down with bucolic!

There are sediment barriers planted in the middle of everyone's yards on the north side of the road. All of the trees have been removed. Some of those trees looked like they were 100 years old. I saw one trunk of a tree being hulled out on a big flat-bed truck. That was all that was in the bed of the truck and all that would fit. It was huge! It was probably about 6 feet wide.

New telephone polls are now going up about 20 feet farther back from the road. This could only mean one thing - Baltimore County hates trees! Oh, I mean they are widening the road.

I'm very excited. We'll now have a 4 lane boulevard that's as wide as a highway with a 30 mph speedlimit. Does that make any sense? Most of the people that I know that drive that road go about 65 mph. I usually do about 40 mph. Normally people tailgate me, flick their high-beams, and shake their fists at me to go faster. There sure are some mean old women in this town!

So the next time your going this way, check it out. Let me know what you think.

This was a week or so ago - before the trees got cut down, but you can see that the branches have been removed. Note the sediment barriers in their yards.

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