Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New to Randallstown - Custom Sign Store

When I say Randallstown, you normally think about the run-down ghetto stores lining Liberty Road. Dozens, maybe hundreds, if not hundreds of thousdands of run-down, abandoned, and closed businesses line Liberty Road from near Marriottsville Road all the way into Baltimore City. It's a war zone left to fend for itself by the politicians who seem like they are more concerned about winning the election than sensible ecomomic recovery for their districts.

Randallstown, though with its lowly reputation, technically extends all the way to the Carroll County line. Yes, Randallstown, in its truest form, borders Eldersburg. Did I just say that?

In the area of Randallstown west of Lyon's Mill Road lies what some may call the hamlet of Holbrook, probably not named after legendary actor Hal Holbrook. But certainly just as handsome. Are they as lucky? He was married to Dixie Carter.

There are few businesses in this area. There's the former wood furniture place. There's the old gas station from the turn of civilization. There's Ward's Chapel United Methodist Church. And since I moved to Eldersburg in the 1990's - there has been this four-bay building with a roof overhang. I'm not sure what it ever was. Maybe a gas station way back in the day? A service station? If you know, I would be interested in the history.

Anyway, one quarter of this building is now occupied by an entrepreneur who opened the Custom Sign Store. There's not much to their website. But I wish them luck. And so does Martin O'Malley. He wants to tax their revenue!

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