Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nancy Grasmick Gets Contract Extension

The Democrats have been flying high recently. With the nearly $2 BILLION tax increase that was shoved down our throats, they have been gallivanting around town strutting their stuff.

However, the condescending left is all up in arms today. After the State Board of Education announced that it has extended the contract of State Schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick for another 4 years, State Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch announced that there will be hell to pay.

Normally, boards are meant to be independent of the organization which they oversee. This independence helps balance the power that can be abused. Board members should feel free of threat and retribution to make tough decisions that are in the best interested of the people that they represent, not politically motivated.

It's no secret that Prince Martin O'Malley does not like Nancy Grasmick. She called him out when he was Emperor of Baltimore City and said his school system sucked ass. She demanded to take control of schools where only 17% of students were passing (though he claims that the numbers were closer to 100%).

In an effort to replace her, Mike Miller and Michael Busch sent a letter to the State Board of Education requesting that they delay the vote until Martin O'Malley can replace the board members with his own stooges in July. Mrs. Grasmick's contract was to expire in June. The board acting in true independence and deciding that it was best for Maryland extended her contract.

Now, Miller and Busch, both of whom have never denied that they wish Hugo Chavez could be the next governor of Maryland, said that they will propose to remove the independence of the board by allowing the board (read as 'governor') to remove the state school superintendent at will. Additionally, they stated that they may even sue the board for following its charter and not bowing to the Democratic Party Machine.

Let it be known that at the end of the O'Malley regime, there will be no independence. Those who go against the machine will be punished. You will have no rights. You will have no money. And this will be done in the name of progress!!!

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