Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mayor of Baltimore Arrested

On May 25, because of political actions against the government of the United State of America, the Mayor of Baltimore, in addition to the Chief of Police, the Police Commissioner, 31 members of the Maryland State Senate, and judges and newspapers editors were arrested.

Again on September 13-17, members of the Maryland Legislature gathered in Frederick City with devious plans. These traitors were arrested for being disloyal to their government.

Unfortunately, this news is not coming to us in 2007. This news is from 1861, as told by Daniel Carroll Toomey in his book, The Civil War in Maryland. The actions of our current legislature could land many in jail during the 1860's, but not now. Their behavior is endorsed and supported. One could only hope that our treacherous politicians would be facing such charges here in the 21st century.

In addition, election shenanigans are not new to Maryland. We are all familiar with the fraudulent gubernatorial election in Baltimore City when Parris Glendening ran. Lots of dead people voted for him.

In October of 1861, Augustus W. Bradford was elected, with the help of many Massachusetts soldiers that were stationed in the area to keep the peace.

Funny how history keeps repeating itself. And did I mention that history repeats itself?

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