Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eldersburg Wal-Mart For Sale

As you know, the Wal-Mart is moving to the former Carrolltown Mall site to become a Super Wal-Mart.  Many of us who have lived in the South were gravely concerned about what was going to happen to the current site of the existing Wal-Mart.  Let it be known that it is now for sale!

I didn't find a price on this website, but it will be available in the summer of 2015.  The property includes over 103,000 square feet of luxurious suburban cookie cutter retail space on 16 acres.  And apparently our average household income is $110,000 within a 3 mile radius.  Are you doing your part to keep this average up?

What do you say?  Shall we all pitch in and buy it?  I have a great idea for a nail salon!

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