Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Matapeake State Park Fishing Report

Matapeake is (was?) one of my favorite fishing spots.  It's located on the Eastern Shore facing the Chesapeake Bay, just south of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, or for you purists, the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge.

William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge

The park is the former terminus for the ferry that crossed the Chesapeake Bay from Sandy State Park.  After the bridge opened, the area was converted to a park, boat launch, beach, Coast Guard port, and fishing pier.

As I've mentioned previously, my son and I are on a quest to fish in every county in Maryland.  Thus far, we'd fished in Carroll, Howard, Montgomery, Frederick, Washington, Cecil, Talbot, Worcester, Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel counties.  That's 10 down, 14 to go.  Fishing at Matapeake added Queen Anne's County to our list, so 11 down.

When we arrived we noticed that NO ONE was on the fishing pier.  That's a bit suspicious.  And it should have been our first clue.  But I paid my $10 to park and off we went.  We went to the far end of the pier, as we should, and cast our rods.  We used surf rods with bottom rigs using razor clams.  And then we sat.

And sat.

And sat.

The highlight of our fishing trip ended up being watching the passing of the Carnival Pride as it sailed under the Bay Bridge.

Carnival Pride cruise ship

Nothing.  Not a bite.  We fished for four hours before we gave in.  Where are the fish?

I think this is Spanish for "Clean up your shit."

As always, at least I got some nice pictures.

Crabbing boat Corruption

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