Monday, July 28, 2014

Moved in Eldersburg - All About U

I actually posted a month or so ago that All About U Hair Studio closed.  I was incorrect, as noted by the 14 responses to the post.  For that, I sincerely apologize.  I have been on vacation and you know, life gets in the way.

The new location of All About U Hair Studio is 2030 Liberty Road in the Peddler's Square Shopping Center.  You know the one with Smoky's and Dairy Queen (or DQ depending on the day of the week).  The phone number there has not changed, it is still 410-795-9044.

I did get a kick out of the comments.  I'm a bad reporter.  Actually, I'm not a reporter.  I just do this for fun.  I don't get paid for it.  And apparently this hair studio is the best in the area and has the best customer service.  They certainly have a vocal following!  I can appreciate that.

I hope they forgive me and continue to read my blog.  I never knew that so many women read my blog!

Since I'm taking down the previous post, I wanted to carry the comments forward:

Brian said...
All About U moved to 2030 Liberty Rd
Sykesville, Maryland 21784, near Dairy Queen.
Nancy O said...
As the manager of the All About U Hair Studio I can assure you and all who read this that we are not closed and are very much open for business. Our new location is 2030 Liberty Road in the same shopping strip as Smokey's and Dairy Queen. Our numbers have remained the same. 410.795.9044 so if you would have called you would have known we have not closed. If you would please retract this blog, it would be greatly appreciated....and we would love to see you in our new location! Thank you.
Sabrina B said...
All about you Hair Studio has RELOCATED NOT CLOSED. Iam a hair stylist there and have been for the four years they have been open. We are now located at 2030 Liberty Rd next to Food lion and dairy queen in Eldersburg. Please come visit our gorgeous new salon by walking in or making an appointment. Our number remains the same 410-795-9044. Thank you Sabrina Baker.
tish g said...
All About U Hair Studio is not closed, just moved. New location is 2030 liberty rd, the shopping center with dairy queen. We are on the front side facing liberty rd. Open Monday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm. Our phone number is the same, (410) 795-9044. Please take down this blog
Lauren Newcomer said...
All About U is NOT closed they just moved down the street to the strip beside Dairy Queen! Same staff, stylists and number. The new salon is beautiful with easy access in and out and plenty of parking.
Nichole Hudson said...

All About U Hair Studio
2030 Liberty Rd
Eldersburg Md
410 795-9044
Same lot as Dairy Queen.

Please take down this blog, it is confusing people.
YumYum said...
I'm in full agreement that this blog needs correcting! ALL ABOUT U HAIR STUDIO moved a few blocks away, next to Dairy Queen over Memorial Day Weekend. It is still beautifying those of us who travel from near and far as regular customers. I bring a friend from Catonsville and sometimes another former Marylander, who currently lives in Virginia, joins us for our appointments! It's that good and worth the travel! Please retract your original note as there is nothing but misinformation in it. Eldersburg will remain just as gorgeous as ever! Kathy "YumYum" Anderson
Dawn said...
All About you Hair Studio is not out of business, it relocated. I am a customer that comes from Mt. Airy. I used to live in Catonsville and have been using the same stylist since she worked in a salon in Catonsville. The salon's new location is 2030 Liberty Rd, Sykesville, near the Dairy Queen. A good reporter would have checked their facts prior to printing such a statement. In addition, a good reporter would have retracted their statement as soon as they found out their facts were incorrect. Please retract your statement as I would hate to lose the best hair stylist due to people not receiving correct information. You should also mention they have the best hair stylist and the best customer service.
Vicki Brown said...
We are open at 2030 Liberty Rd. Same great service, same great stylists. Vicki Brown
Skeh said...
All About U Hair Studio is MOST DEFINATELY OPEN!!!!!! We have not closed we just moved our location, our new location is 2030 Liberty Road in the same shopping center as Dairy Queen, our phone number is 410-795-9044, if yours skeptical or don't believe me and the other comments on this site please give us a call and we will prove to you that our salon is up and running and doing very well!
YumYum said...
Today is the 26th of June. You have had 3 weeks to correct this wrong information. But you haven't! Not very good for folks following your blog. They might even believe that, since you didn't make any effort to check even the most basic of facts about this business, perhaps you're wrong about O'Malley, too! So, when you are blaming yourself when he gets elected, please stop at All About U Hair Studio at 2030 Liberty Road for a new look to cheer you up and maybe some Dairy Queen, too!
YumYum said...

Please correct your blog.

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