Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming to Eldersburg - AutoZone

Remember back in March when I posted the rumor that AutoZone was coming to Eldersburg?  When I posted it, the information was a rumor, but a reader commented and left a link to a website where AutoZone was looking for bids on the job, so it wasn't really a rumor at all!

So I go away for 2 weeks and when I return I fund that the Oklahoma Center in Eldersburg has been nearly gutted and is being refurbished after the devastating fire that was started in the horrific Jin's Asian Bistro.  Much to the delight of millions of Eldersburgers, Jin's seems to be getting replaced by the AutoZone.  I could find no information that Jin's was rebuilding or relocating, which causes those same said millions to continue their rejoicing.

I had heard a rumor that the AutoZone was going into the Oklahoma Center, but a busy work life kept me from blogging and investigating.  But upon my arrival home from a splendid vacation in the heavily Republican-dominated Southwest Florida Gulf Coast, I find this sign up on the building.

If you zoom in on the picture, you'll see that the AutoZone placard is placed upon the plywood.

I'm not sure when this store will open, but I predict another month or two.  I'm glad we are getting an auto parts store that will stay open past 5pm, which is past when most working Americans get home from work.

Hopefully the store will limit the sales of modified diesel exhaust systems to those Carroll County pick-up truck drivers.  Rolling coal I think is the expression.

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