Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jonas Green Park - Where Are the Fish?

Jonas Green Park on the Severn River in Anne Arundel County has been one of our favorite fishing places for a while.  However, this year, it seems as if the fish have gone elsewhere.

My son and I have been there three times, with Tuesday being the most recent time.  My son also went there on Sunday with his friend.

On Sunday, my son and his friend caught maybe 10 fish over 9 hours.  And all were small throwbacks.

On Tuesday, we fished in the evening, so obviously we didn't stay that long, we did stay about 3 hours.  Results?  2 fish.  One small spot fish and one small white perch.  When I say small, I mean bait-sized fish.

Where are all of the fish this year? 

The best thing about fishing yesterday was watching the sun set over the Severn River.  Oh, did I mention that when we left it was 62°?  Are we sure this is July and not October???

1 comment:

dmc said...

Probably left Maryland. Afraid they were going to have to pay a water usage fee. :0)

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