Friday, August 01, 2014

Fun With Google Maps

Are you like me and can spend hours scrolling through the map on Google Maps rather than doing anything productive in life?  Okay, maybe not hours, but certainly several minutes at a time.

I love posting Throwback-Thursday pictures on Facebook.  Yesterday I posted a picture of my first plane ride, which was a trip on an American Airlines 727 from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to Dallas (DFW) in 1979.  I then went to Google Maps to look at the Philadelphia airport and scroll around the area, because that seemed like the logical next step.  I then found this wonderful gem that can be appreciated by Google Map voyeurs and plane watchers alike.

Commercial planes do not land in such a tight formation. Within a half mile or so, there are three planes landing.  Obviously this is an overlay of several aerial shots from the Google spy satellite.

Do you have any favorite impossibilities seen from Google Maps?


Michael Valenta said...

Las Vegas is hot because there are two suns there. Proof is the two shadows from the Stratosphere.,+NV/@36.1476437,-115.1562523,305m

Eludius said...

That's awesome! It's like Tatooine.

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