Monday, March 04, 2013

Closing in Eldersburg - Cobblestone Tavern

I've heard from three different sources now that Cobblestone Tavern and Grille is closing as it was sold to the Flying Dog Brewery (Saloon \ Tavern???).  All said that it was not public information yet and not to spread the news.  Well, when you hear a secret from three different people, it's not a secret anymore.

I haven't seen any official word on this change, but let's just say that there is good reason to believe it to be true.  I like Cobblestone.  The food is good.  The inside is really nice.  The use of the wood and stonework is really attractive.  I think it's a shame that it's not busier than it is.  The bar area is a little blah.  I don't think it's a good use of the space.  Other than Ravens' games, shouldn't they be capitalizing on big sporting events. We went there for the NCAA tournament last year and the grumpy old men at the bar seemed irritated that we asked them to turn off Days of Our Lives and switch the station to one of the games.

I've lived in Eldersburg for almost 14 years now and if this rumor is true, then it is at least the 5th business to occupy that space.  There was something there when we moved here, but I have no recollection of what it was.  Then it became The Chop House.  They apparently got into some financially trouble and \ or bickering, so it became Meicklejohn's Restaurant & Pub.  Something happened again (battle about unpaid bills with BGE???), so then it became Cobblestone Tavern and Grille.  Not sure if these have been under different or varying ownerships over this time.

Do you remember any other businesses that have been in this space?


Steve Wallace said...

Don't think it stretched into that space but anyone who grew up here remembers Big George's next door (where the liquor store is now) and George's Jungle! Mr George sold off his last Little George's up near Taylorsville justvabyear or so ago.

Brian said...

I remember when it was big george's and they had great fried chicken...surprised flying dog is going out there though...weird...nice beer though. They're based out of Frederick...

Erin Weston said...

Hey guys,

Erin from Flying Dog Brewery here. We did not purchase this space and have no plans to open a restaurant/bar in Eldersburg or anywhere else. It's actually illegal in Maryland for a manufacturing brewery of our size to own or operate a retail space.

Just wanted to set the record straight - cheers!

Eludius said...

Erin, thank you for the information dispelling the rumor that the new owners are Flying Dog. I'm actually disappointed that it's not you guys (good beer!), but the law is the law.

Drew Morgan aka Brewtime said...

I have heard that the new place is going to be called Oskers or some sort and it is goijg to be a brewpub. I got this from a worker in TDL. When I asked where they are going to put the brewery they said they were not going to be a brewery only offer 24 taps of beer. Being a Homebrewer i found that funny. I really hope they do offer a good selection of Craft Beer and not the Mega swill on 20 taps and 4 really good ones.

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