Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring. Free Rita's

Did you make it to Rita's for free Italian water ice on the first day of spring?  We never miss out.  We will forfeit dinner in order to get our child-sized Rita's.  The line wasn't too long this year.  I've seen it wrap around the building in previous years.

One thing that I fail to understand is how people form lines.  You see it at the mall all of the time.  People will line up one behind the other and mindlessly block all pedestrian traffic.  It was no different yesterday at Rita's in Eldersburg.  Rather than safely wrapping around the building, people lined up one behind the other straight out into the parking lot preventing cars from coming or going.  I even made it a point to wrap my family around the curb thinking that people would line up behind me and continue down the side of the building.  Nope.  The cows lined up back into the parking lot blocking traffic.  Moooo!  I'm stupid!  Mooo!

And another topic - my wife correctly assessed that children in kindergarten are not going to understand the weather.  Every day they are supposed to determine if it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, warm, or cold.  For the past several weeks, the correct answer has been cloudy and cold.  Because of the long running repetition, the next time it is sunny the kids are going to think that the correct answer is cloudy and cold.


Kent Allard said...

Ok, so that explains it. FREE Rita's. I was trying to get to the UPS Store to ship a package and came up on the human roadblock across the parking lot. What did they not approaching, they're in the roadway, car needs to get through. Nope, we're just going to stand here and look REALLY ignorant. It literally took a quick honk of the horn to get the sheeple to move, and then juuuuuuust barely. Just enough for me to get through as they glared at me for displacing them as they the cold, for some free ice. Day Of Living Dumb.

Meand3Jays said...

On an unrelated topic, any idea why there is a Now Hiring sign out in front of Plazuelas? Looks empty to me and I heard they are not opening up in Westminster as once planned.

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