Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coming To Eldersburg - Gold's Gym, For Real!

You'll remember a while ago, in fact more than a year ago, I threatened residents of Eldersburg by claiming that Gold's Gym was moving into the Peeble's space in the Carrolltown Mall.  It was a rumor. I didn't make it up.  Not sure if there was ever any truth to it.  But I didn't make it up.  I done heard it.

Now I have solid truth fact that Gold's Gym is coming to Eldersburg.  How do I know?  Because they have a dang yellow love shack with signs all over the place.  If you've been down Georgetown Boulevard this past week, you can't miss the signs.  Looks like it's going to occupy the space of the former London Fog warehouse, which was temporarily leased by the now defunct JACT Sports complex.  At least I hope the gym will be in the warehouse and not the yellow love shack.


Joel D said...
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Joel D said...

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