Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Closet Full of Running Shoes

Are you a runner?  If so, your closet probably looks like this.  The souls of my shoes wear out faster than the outside.  I end up with half a dozen pairs of walk-around shoes.

The Brooks in the bottom right are my newest pair.  The New Balance to the far left were my previous new shoes, though they were not that comfortable.  The Asics on the top right were really comfortable, though their time is up.  The black Nike's have been around for about 2 years.  I wear them around all the time, though I haven't run with them in a year and a half.  I think they still look fairly new.  The New Balance in the front center now make great baseball coaching shoes.

I've purchased shoes across the price range.  Some as cheap as $35, others as much as $120.  Unfortunately, for my wallet, the best shoes for running seem to be the ones that cost around $100.

Some people swear by their brand of shoes.  "These are the best shoes you can buy!"  I don't buy that logic.  Some shoes work for some people, but not for others.  I can say in general, Under Armour shoes are terrible.  They look nice, but don't try to run in them (my opinion).  Most high-end stores don't even carry them because they are so terrible (their opinion).  Plus they are no good for people with wide feet.  Nike's are usually too narrow for my feet, as well.  I've also owned Mizunos, which were nice.  Asics seem to work for me.

What are your favorite shoes?

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