Friday, May 28, 2010

New Roads in Owings Mills

Two new roads in Owings Mills are bound to change traffic patterns - Dolfield Boulevard and Owings Mills Boulevard.

It seems like Baltimore County has been building the Dolfield Boulevard viaduct since the late 1990's. I have watched it go up as a drive down the narrow one-land bridge of Pleasantville Road which nearly parallels the new Dolfield.

For a while you could see signs all around Owings Mills protesting the bridge \ connection \ extension (whatever you want to call it). "Stop Dolfield Rd!" Fortunately, since it's not in my back yard, I'm happy to report that the bridge is now open and my drive to Target is reduced by at least 5 minutes - and that's what's important.

Another road that's been on the books forever is the Owings Mills Boulevard extension that will connect it from Lyon's Mill Road all the way to Liberty Road. This week I noticed a construction crew at the end of OM Blvd and throughout the week they have been clearing trees.

During the previous week I noticed that trees were being removed along Lyon's Mill Road and the new telephone polls popped up about 20-30 feet farther back. Obviously Lyon's Mill Road is going to be widened in conjunction with the new OM Blvd intersection.

I'm not quite sure where OM Blvd will hit Liberty Road or if it will intersect with Liberty Road as originally intended.. I suspect that it will wind behind the old farm (which is slated to become 700 or so houses on less than 100 acres (I think)). From behind the farm the new road could plow through Wildwood Park. As you know we have no use for parks and trees and such. This will allow commuters to quickly get to the ever-expanding jobless Randallstown.

According to Baltimore County's website, the extension will cost $10 million and will take 2 years to complete. However, this website claims that the boulevard will only extend to Winands Road, which is where you find Randallstown High School, not all the way to Liberty Road. If anyone has any different information I would love to see it.

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