Friday, July 25, 2008

Patricia Jessamy Hates Zach Sowers

I'm not sure if that's true, but she sure hates the negative publicity that she is receiving. And now it's our fault.

Jessamy's idiot spokesperson, Margaret Burns, who said that Zach Sower's pulverized face looked like a sleeping baby, was the target of a rally yesterday at City Hall. The rally, led by Sower's widow Anna Sowers, is demanding that Burns be fired after she refused to apologize or retract her statements.

In response to the rally, or maybe prior to the rally, Patrician Jessamy's office issued this statement:

"I continue to be focused on doing the job the citizens of Baltimore elected me to do. I have learned over the past several months that anything I, or individuals in my office say or do in reference to the Zach Sowers case will in all probability be misstated, misquoted, misrepresented, misinterpreted, and/or misunderstood. Knowing this, I therefore decline to make any statement regarding past, current or future events related to this case."

Jessamy is now on the defensive. She claims to being the work the citizens elected her to do. Was she elected to hire idiots who make idiotic statements? Was she elected to not convict as many criminals as possible? Was she elected to release arrogant statements blaming the public and media for her idiot staff's comments?

It's not her fault or her staff's fault that her staff made some idiotic statement about the case. And the fact that they pursued Zach's death beating as a robbery and assault is ridiculous. Jessamy's office is not interested in pursuing justice. They seem more interested in pursuing independence and business as usual.

If Patricia Jessamy is reelected, then Baltimore deserves the paltry conviction rate that releases of so many violent criminals back onto the streets of the city. Why are most parts of Baltimore such a shit hole? Because of the actions of most of our city's elected officials - like Patricia Jessamy.

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