Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Frozen Severn River

Since we can't go fishing...  Well, perhaps it's better to say that since we CHOOSE not to go fishing, we might as well take some pictures.

I saw on Twitter, via Justin Berk, that the Severn River is frozen.  With the upcoming snow changing to rain, I figured I wouldn't have another opportunity to drive to Annapolis to get these pictures.

My son and I walked to the top of the Route 450 bridge crossing the Severn and it was cold.  The air temperature was 17°, but it was really windy.  Even with UnderArmour pants under my jeans, 3 shirts, a jacket, gloves, and a hat, with wind went right through me and it hurt!

This view is looking east toward the Chesapeake Bay.  The United States Naval Academy is to the right.

This is looking northwest (?), eh, it's up-river.  Normally there's a beach to the right.

Here's the old Route 450 bridge, that is now a dedicated fishing pier.  It is a bit odd not seeing a bunch of fisherman and trash on the pier.

I changed lenses on my camera and it's amazing how much better the pictures are.  This is an old boat pier looking downstream.

The ice was crawling up one of the Route 450 bridge pylons.

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