Monday, February 02, 2015

Justin Ready Appointed to Empty State Senate Seat

Justin Ready, the former Maryland Delegate in District 5A, was appointed to former State Senator Joseph Getty's District 5 seat.  Former State Senator Getty resigned to accept a position with Governor Hogan's staff.
State Senator Justin Ready
The appointment didn't come without controversy.  The Carroll County Republican Central Committee originally submitted one name to Governor Hogan for Getty's replacement.  That name was whackadoodle Robin Bartlett Frazier, the former Carroll County Commissioner who was defeated in the primary election in her bid to get reelected.  This is the same Robin Bartlett Frazier who sang her State of the County address.

This is also the same Robin Bartlett Frazier who said that she would rather go to jail than be told she can't pray to Jesus before each County Council meeting.  Let's just ignore the separation of Church and State. (sarcasm)  And I'm a person of faith.

Former politician Robin Bartlett Frazier
Fortunately for the good people of Carroll County, Governor-elect Hogan rejected the single name submitted and requested that three names be submitted and he would select one.  The CCRCC finally acquiesced and submitted the names of Robin Bartlett Frazier (again), Delegate Justin Ready, and Dave Wallace, who had previously unsuccessfully run for several positions.  Hogan then selected Ready as Getty's replacement.

That didn't stop Frazier's cronies, namely Kathy Fuller, Melissa Caudill, and Amy Guilford, from filing a restraining order in an attempt to prevent Governor Hogan from appointing Ready.  Fortunately again for the good folks of Carroll County, Judge Fred Hecker refused to issue the restraining order.

Let's back up a second.  We get a Republican governor for only the second time in the past 40 years.  The Maryland General Assembly is dominated by arrogant Democrats who eat Republicans for breakfast.  Then the elected folks of the CCRCC basically give the big finger to the newly celebrated Governor?  Don't you think it would be a good idea to work with the new governor rather than try to have a pissing contest with him?  Are they trying to make Carroll County look like a bunch of dumbasses?  Because that's what's happening.

It would not surprise me if these same people submit Robin Bartlett Frazier's name again, this time for Justin Ready's vacant House of Delegates seat.  I think this would be a huge mistake.  Former Commissioner Frazier was not reelected for a reason.  Her constituents didn't want her as their representative anymore.  That should say a lot.

In the next election cycle, let's remember Kathy Fuller, Melissa Caudill, and Amy Guilford.  I think it would be wise for the people of Carroll County to vote them out of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee.  I think it's clear that we cannot rely on them to make good decisions.

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