Friday, February 06, 2015

Eldersburg Napa Getting a Make-Over

I really hate it when a business paints over the bricks.  Especially a business like Napa.  That bright blue sticks around forever.  You can drive through a town and tell where a Napa used to be.  It's still that obnoxious bright Smurf blue.

This is what Napa looked like back in 2010.  According to the Maryland Real Property database, this structure was built in 1971.  I wonder what's been here, as it probably wasn't always a Napa.  As best as I can recall, it's been a Napa for the entire 16 years that I've lived in Carroll County.  Any Eldersburgers that have lived here longer than 16 years know?


Frank Gauthier said...
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Frank Gauthier said...

Wasn't it a Western Auto?

Meand3Jays said...

I've always wondered what's up with the extra glass panel thingy sticking out the front. What is that?

Eludius said...

I'm assuming it's a weather barrier for the front door.

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