Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Does Gail Bates Know She Also Represents Carroll County?

When I first met Gail Bates I liked what I heard.  Allan Kittleman announced he was running for Howard County Executive, so there was going to be a new State Senator representing South Carroll County.  Gail Bates was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates in Howard County and she was stepping up to run for the seat being vacated by Senator Kittleman.

Delegate Bates handily won the election in a heavily Republican-dominated district.  We all looked forward to her being our new representative in the Maryland State Senate.  Then we realized she REALLY loves Howard County.  REALLY.  LOVES.  HOWARD.  COUNTY.

I follow Senator Bates on both Twitter and Facebook.  I've noticed A LOT of posts about how awesome Howard County is.  Okay, Howard County has a lot going for it.  Lots of rich people.  Lots of educated people.  Lots of jobs.  And most rich and educated people are interested in their children and their children's education.  This makes their stats look really good.  How can any poor county compete with this?

So, to the best of my knowledge I NEVER see any comments about how great Carroll County is, or maybe even just South Carroll.  Therefore, I offered a challenge - she must mention something positive about Carroll County this month.  My gut feel is that I won't see anything about Carroll County.  But I'm hoping for Barney Stinson response: "Challenge accepted!"

Don't get me wrong.  I don't dislike Senator Bates.  I want her to succeed.  I just want her to acknowledge that she also represents part of Carroll County and she has our best interests at heart.

Here are a few examples of her posts:

17 of the top 50 (schools) are in Howard County. Driving the State averages. Congrats HCPSS.
A post about the Howard County Library system
A post about Maryland Food Bank Outreach service at Howard County Community College.
A post about the Howard County School Board

Finally found a Carroll County post on January 8th: Nice evening with the Carroll County Farm bureau. Such nice people and good food.

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