Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inside of Carrolltown Mall

I promised some pictures from inside the mall.  Here you go...

This is the interior of the mall looking toward the front.  I don't remember what was in these stores.

Same as before, looking toward the front.  I remember the Dungeons and Dragons-place on the right.  There was Genesis Hair Salon beyond that.  I'm sure there was something else.

 A look closer toward the jewelers.  Note the rain damage under the windows.

This is looking toward the rear.  This was the food court area.  I remember an Italian restaurant and a Subway in the demolished area.

Looking from the food court toward Peebles.  That's S&N Katz Jewelers on the left.  The table tennis place was beyond that when we moved to Eldersburg.  The Fun Quarters was on the right.

When we moved to Eldersburg in 1999 there was a Mexican restaurant here.  It closed soon thereafter.

Evidence of a paint-ball war.  Note all of the yellow blotches.

This is the S&N Katz Jewelers, obviously.  Just a lot of smashed glass now.

Here is one of the decorative sconces that adorned the pillars.

I think a tree was here and the grate was around it.  Now it is filled with wires and a basketball.  Not sure how the basketball got there.

This cracks me up.  Read the sign.  Exposed rebar, cracked marble, debris.  How in the world can that harm children?


Anonymous said...

When I moved herein 86 there was a lot of different stores, 86 is when they closed the mall in, I can name most of the stores in your pictures. The view of the food court had Brothers Pizza, Skips Chicken, Sub Way, then you had past Subway on the Right, The Card Store, Manny's Deli, Sound Oddesy was in the mall around the corner and across from Fasion Bug. There was a surf shop in there at one time called Coast To Coast, and the place where the dungeon and dragons stuff was at was a restaurant with a train theme at the beginning, the mexican restaurant was Gouchos, and where Peebles was at, that whole store use to be a Jamesway, Followed by an Ace Hardware and Peebles, Big Lots was Super Fresh, Dollar General was Joann Fabrics and then a Rite Aid, and of course the liquor store that is now located across the street. Then Radio Shack was in the Kmart Corridor, with Fashion Bug, Little Proffesor, Shoe Repair, and at one time where the Table Tennis Place was at there was a Dollar King. If I sat down and went through all the pictures I could name where most stuff was at. There use to be a Hess Shoes by the Food Court. I know my whole post goes on and on and on, but I know lots of the stores of the Mall when it was a good Mall.

Tony said...

I used to go to this mall all the time. There was i coin store that i went to a lot where the table tennis place was most recently.

Eludius said...

Shawn, thank you for all of that information. I love reading about those kinds of things from the olden days.

Brian said...

I remember there being a men's store called Darby's which was nice when I was in middle school.

Max E said...

I remember New Win Long had a restaurant there, there was a small arcade right before the food court and before Fun Quarters. Fun quarters took most of the jungle gym equipment from Fun Jungle which was briefly in the Enchanted Forest shopping center. I remember riding my bike there as a kid to get slurpee's from the food court in Kmart. How about the barber shop and the creepy guy that used to help there. I also remember a restaurant called BJ I think but that wasn't around very long. The old arcade was replaced by a pet shop.

Anonymous said...

The old Arcade in the Mall was Bumpers Arecade, it always had a bumper car in the window, then Fun Quarters took over the small arcade, and then in the early '90's they moved to the large arcade that was there until they closed.

mr. yuck said...

I remember when the movie theatre was still attached to the mall. I went to go see E.T., Return of the Jedi, and Little Shop of horrors there before it moved to its location behind the mall.

Eludius said...

Mr. Yuck - where was the movie theater prior to when it was a stand-alone building?

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