Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Carrolltown Mall Demolition Has Begun!

If you've driven by the Eldersburg library to drop off your overdue DVD's within the past couple of days, you probably noticed that the demolition of the former Flagship theater, which is part of the Carrolltown Mall.

I knew the demolition was coming when I saw these excavators with grapplers sitting in the parking lot last week.  They're perfect for pinching, pulling, and destroying.

I saw this pile last night, but my attempts to take a picture of it were unsuccessful.  Too dark, too blurry.  But this morning, it was quite clear.  Looks like there's a pile of metal wall studs and cement blocks.

Remember the old theater?  With its leaky roof?  And torn seats and bad lighting?  The light should be better now that there are these large gaping holes all around the building.

I was really hoping for a Death Star-type explosion for the mall, but alas, there are no Red 5's in the area.  We'll have to settle for the slow collapse into a rubble pile.

Here's the new LBX 350 Link-Belt excavator.  Why?  Because I can.

I suspect that by this weekend, the theater will be a thing of the past, just like bipartisan politics, low taxes, and freedom from government surveillance.  Still waiting to find out what is going on with Big Lots.  I heard a rumor that Black Oak is open to a 5 year extension to their lease.  Big Lots and Super Wal-Mart.  That will bring in the higher-end retailers we so desperately want.  But I don't think what we want is really important.

Are you excited about the demolition?


hussle87 said...

I went to the final review and talked to Harvey Dixon and he said Biglots will be there until the end of the year and anything after that is up in the air.

Unknown said...

Demo live right now, as of 845am.

HON said...

I hope that was tongue in cheek when it was said in this blog that Wal-Mart would bring in higher level retailers that we so desperately need!! PLEEEEEZE!!

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