Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little Fall Fishing in Patapsco Valley State Park

It wasn't much of a fishing outing, but it sure was pretty.

I took my son to Patapsco Valley State Park to fish on the Patapsco River as it winds through Carroll, Baltimore, and Howard County.  For this outing, we, meaning I, chose to fish under the Frederick Road bridge just north of I-70.

My son and his friend decided to wade into the shallow water to cast.  We didn't really see many fish.  Perhaps a few blue gills and a couple of carp.  The carp were not interested in anything we offered.  The blue gills are all over the bait like Martin O'Malley over photo-ops.  They never let one pass.

The bridge is actually kind of pretty.  It's an old truss bridge, though recently renovated.

According to the details of this sign adorning the truss on the east-bound side, the bridge is officially called the Patapsco River Bridge and was built in 1934.  I wonder if W.C. Hopkins knew that his bridge would still be standing 79 years later.

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