Friday, October 18, 2013

Dollar General Days at Carrolltown Mall

Not sure if the Dollar General store at Carrolltown Mall has closed yet or not, but we were there a couple of weeks ago for some good times.

Is this the greatest thing you have ever seen?  Well, the Ravens winning the Super Bowl again is up there.  But this has got to be in the top 5.

My son's friend told him that he bought 85 packs of gum for 34 cents, so my son said we had to go.

When you arrive there, you see lots of signs in the window.  It's difficult not to notice that they're going out of business.  That is, except for the 'Now Hiring' sign that's in the window.  Are you closing or hiring?  You can't do both.

 While standing in line to pay for our 16 packs of gum that cost 7 cents, my son noticed this sign. You can't even hire people to spell krectly?

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