Monday, October 01, 2012

Obama Steals O'Malley's Forward?

Did you happen to see that advertisement that Obama will help keep America moving forward?  For those of you who live in Maryland and have been suffering through that trite statement for what seems like a generation, you're probably wondering why Obama is using this slogan now.  Did Obama hijack it from O'Malley?  Did O'Malley give it to Obama?  Or is the price that O'Malley paid for flip-flopping on the national news about whether we are better off four years ago than today?  If you'd rather not sit through the entire 2 minutes and 3 seconds of political dribble, go to the 1 minute and 58 second mark.

And if you didn't get enough of O'Malley being a total dufuss at the Democratic Convention, here's that clip again.  I don't think anyone one national honor by leading a high school cheer.


Kent Allard said...

The "Forward" motto has historically been used by Socialists,Marxists, and Communists. Its all right there in the old propaganda posters and publications from Russia, Germany, China etc.They've ALL used it. Lenin, Stalin, Mao....all used mottos involving "Forward" Its all there to be seen.

An interesting Wikipedia entry for "Forward"

Its no freakin' coincedence that "Forward" is being used by Obama.
He didn't steal it from anyone, it was engrained into him, part of
his radical leftist ideology. People need to get their heads out of their sphincters and understand who Obama really is.

Kent Allard said...
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Kent Allard said...

Just so you know, the Wikipedia link I provided here previously contained info on the "Forward" slogan, as it was used historically in socialist/marxist/communist propaganda. Mysteriously, all of that has disappeared from the page on that link. In fact, previous to this if you did a search with the keywords Obama and Forward you could find a wealth of info that clearly showed the past ties to socialism and communism with the "Forward" slogan and Obama. ANYTHING suggesting such HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED FROM WIKIPEDIA. The only thing tying those two words together is simply a very small statement about it being Obama's 2012 slogan. Its a mere footnote compared to what information was there previously. This country better wake up come election day.

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