Tuesday, October 02, 2012

O'Malley Challenges Virginia Governor to a Push-Up Contest

Did you hear about this one?  This is so absurd I couldn't even make this up.  If I told you this without referencing the article, you would laugh at me and call me a phony.

Everyone knows that Maryland Governor hates Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.  It's mostly an inferiority complex.  Virginia has all the jobs.  Maryland continues to lose jobs.  Virginia is growing.  Maryland's economy is anemic.  Companies move to Virginia.  And a lot of them are from Maryland.  What's not to be jealous about?

In an interview with WTOP, Martin O'Malley went on the offensive implying that Virginia's success was fake.  He then turned into a bully and challenged Governor McDonnell to a push-up contest.  WTF???

Everyone remembers that jackass in high school who couldn't beat you in test scores, so to intimidate you in the locker room he challenged you to a push-up contest.  And if you didn't take him on, he started hardy-har-har-ing you and pushed you into the lockers and pointed and laughed at you.  Yep, you know where I'm going.

Virginia Governor McDonnell came back and gave the metaphoric punch in the face citing Virginia's lower unemployment rate and lower taxes.

To top it all off, O'Malley challenged McDonnell to a debate.  For what purpose???  For a prelude to the 2016 presidential election?  Is O'Malley not getting enough national exposure to satisfy his inflated ego?

Politicians.  Sometimes these guys write your blog for you.

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Kent Allard said...

O'Malley likes push-ups. Its how he got elected, twice. Marylanders who voted for him have their heads pushed up their own...well, you know.

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