Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marylanders Don't Want a President O'Malley!

This is music to my ears!  O'Malley has been running for President for the 2016 election for years now.  But according to a poll conducted for the Baltimore Sun, the majority of Marylanders do NOT want Martin O'Malley to run for President.

Wow, if your own state doesn't want you to run for President, what does that tell you?

O'Malley gets mostly good grades from a state that is over 65% Democrat, though only 50% overall approve of him.  So assuming 100% of Republicans in Maryland thinks that he sucks, there is still a fairly large chuck of Democrats that also think he sucks.

The same poll also reviewed Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  In a city that is 124% Democrat, 50% of those polled think that she's doing a good job.

Also thrown out were potential gubernatorial candidates for 2014.  Tony Brown leads the list.  Most people responded, "Who's Tony Brown?"  He was followed by Peter Franchot, Doug Gansler, and Ken Ulman.
Finally, Harford County Executive Dave Craig's name was thrown out there.  He's a Republican.  I seriously doubt if Bob Ehrlich is going to run for governor a 4th time.  Is Craig thinking about running?  What other Republicans may throw their hats into the ring?  Nancy Jacobs if she doesn't beat Dutch Ruppersberger? Tony O'Donnell?  Pat McDonough (I hope not)? E.J. Pipkin?  Allan Kittlemann?

Anyway, read the article.  I think it's interesting to read what Marylanders are thinking.

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Kent Allard said...

I'm still trying to figure out why Marylanders wanted him for governor, not once, but twice. His own state not wanting him to run for president is probably lost on him. He's blinded by his own self-adoration (through those beady eyes) to notice I'm sure. If he does take notice he'll probably just deflect it by coming up with a way to blame Bush or something along those lines. Instead of running for president he should campaign to become the new Democratic mascot...they could go from a donkey to just a straight up jackass.

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