Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Closed in Eldersburg - La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

I swung by Domino's to pick up a pizza on Friday and noticed that the La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant was closed.  I'm not sure how long it has been closed.  I think the last time I drove by was in the summer when we went to Rita's.

That being said, I only went to La Fiesta once and I was not too impressed.  It was several years ago, so I'm actually kind of surprised that it took this long to go out of business.  The food, while good, was expensive and of very small portions.  I got the spinach soup.  There must have been a spinach shortage.  I don't think there was more than a quarter cup of soup in the bowl.  And it was about $8.  My wife and I vowed not to go back unless we had a 50% coupon, which we never got.

Since La Fiesta is now gone, I'll place my bet on another nail salon or martial arts studio to take its place.  What would I really like to see?  Probably too small, but how about a Corner Bakery?  Or maybe a Firehouse Subs?


NYer In MD said...

Quizno's? My money is another consignment shop.. Ginny in chinese place said they had massive kitchen fire but were going to reopen

Kent Allard said...

We actually already had a Quizno's in Eldersburg at one time and it closed. It was right near the Papa John's, where the Qdoba is now. I can't imagine why it closed though. Its not like they ever sent anyone into agonizing gastric distress after eating there or anything. Nope, that never happened, not to me, nor anyone else I know. Nope, just can't imagine why Quizno's (emphasis on the NO part) closed.

As far as La Fiesta, I personally never checked them out because they got consistently poor reviews. Anytime I read something about them in a local paper or blog it was never favorable. There's been a lot of businesses come and go out of the shopping center.

Eludius said...

The Quiznos was actually a couple of doors down from the La Fiesta. If I recall correctly, the Hollywood Video store occupied the space of both the current Qdoba and Verizon.


Brian said...

I hope you get a Firehouse Subs...eat there every Sunday in Frederick.

Thanks for the blog.

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