Friday, July 29, 2011

Beach Trip, Part III - The Beach

You know you've all been waiting for this part.

Unlike most of our trips, we didn't go to the beach every day this year. As I've mentioned we had several activities that were planned, so the beach took a back seat on a few days.

One day was the fishing outing. Another day was at the water park at Jolly Roger's. There was another day that we spent doing something else, but in less than a week I already cannot remember. Am I getting old? I need to stop inhaling the Methotrexate and Mercaptopurine.

Check out this kid with the sunscreen smiley face on his back. At first I thought it was a joke, but given his age and the amount of sunscreen, this must be intentional.

There really was much incentive to look around at the ladies. I mean, I had the most beautiful woman I know sitting right next to me. But for everyone else, here are your beach babes.

Two of these belong in bikinis, one does not. But I'm not judging. Just stating facts.

Here's one for you older guys. Got milf?

Grandpa here - when I first saw him I thought his bathing suit was falling down his backside. Who makes light tan bathing suits, or bathing suits with light tan stripes at the top? My wife once bought me a bathing suit that was entirely light tan. When I put it on it looked like I was naked.

You can imagine my excitement when one of these planes with the streaming messages flew by advertising women's bathing suits half off! Much to my chagrin, I found racks of reduced priced bikinis.

It started raining one afternoon, so we all gathered under our canopies and umbrellas. It was a comical sight seeing large groups of people all huddled under umbrellas up and down the beach. Everyone remained huddled under their canopies and umbrellas until a crack of lightning hit the water not more than 50 yards from us. Then there were screams heard in all directions and lines of people racing up toward the dunes. We finally made it to the first condominium building, ran underneath where everyone parks and found ourselves in the midst of dozens of other people - soaking wet and gasping for breath.

It was really foggy one day. We couldn't see anything. This is also the day that we got to go for a ride out into the ocean on a Coast Guard boat. Very cool!

I thought for sure that there was a rainbow around somewhere after I spotted this leprechaun roaming the beach. Who's got the Lucky Charms?!! "Oh, Danny boy, where's ye pot ol' gold?"

This is my wife's foot. "Got my toes in the water, toes in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold Coke in my hand, life is good today, life is good today!"

This is our Scopes girl for the week. She asked us on day 1 if we wanted pictures, but didn't ask us again the whole week. She did ask how are week was going and was very nice. I did hear her say that she just puts everything in the credit card and daddy pays it. Must be nice!

Check out this bathing beauty! Everyone can wear a bikini, right? "ooo, baby-baby! La-lala-la-lala!"

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