Sunday, July 03, 2011

Run, Run, Run, Fire ! ! !

In the last 12 months, old Eludius put on some pounds. Probably about 15 of them. In March of this year I peaked at 190 pounds. And I'm not 6'4". And I don't make adult movies. (Though if I ever made adult movies my stage name would be Jack Hammer).

So in order to lose the weight, I started taking a lot of cardio classes at the gym at work. However, after a few weeks my ankles, knees, and hips were giving me a lot of trouble. So then the Port to Fort Race was coming up, so I started running. I know that running is supposed to be hard on the knees, but I had to do something. And worst of all - my harem was was getting smaller.

At first I struggled. Run a lap. Walk a lap. Run half a lap. Walk a lap and a half. I finally got to the point where I can run 4 miles (16 laps) without stopping. And my time has been getting better and better. What was once around 50 minutes is now down to as low as 38:19. In addition to that, a couple of lovely ladies at work have asked if they could run with me. Why, certainly.

Today after finishing my run at Liberty High School (a unsatisfactory 40:19 - felt like I was carrying a piano on my back), I was stretching when I heard a loud BZZZZZZZZ - POP!!!!. This was over the music on my iPod. I immediately thought some miscreants were breaking into the booth and warming up the public announcement system. Then I looked around and saw an orange puff of smoke coming from one of the power lines. I decided I needed to call someone. BGE? 911?

The affected pole is the one just past the Liberty High School sign (with the visually polluting scrolling LED lights).

I walked back to my car and wouldn't you know it -my cellphone was as dead as the Baltimore City Republican Party. I decided to drive by the pole to see if there was any evidence of the explosion. As I drove by I noticed the grass was on fire. Uh-oh. A fire and no battery to call 911. A few more feet down the road and I see a man on the side of the road with a cellphone to his ear. I pulled up to him to ask if he was calling 911 when I heard a siren. I pulled to the side of the road.

The Brush Truck from Sykesville\Freedom (U-12) came toward me and slowed down. I yelled out the window, "It's up by the high school sign!". He waved in appreciation and took off. Seconds later the hose truck came storming up Route 32. Disaster averted.

Very interesting finish to my run. And it figures - I normally carry my camera everywhere I go, but today I didn't bring it. But fortunately I have pictures from other times that can fill the gap. Yes, I'm a nerd.

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