Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New To Eldersburg - Quest Diagnostics

Apparently people are relying on me to provide them up-to-date information on the closing and opening of new businesses in the Eldersburg area. Fortunately for Eldersburg, unlike nearby Randallstown, new businesses have been opening in place of old shuttered businesses. I apologize for not keeping you as well informed as I thought you needed to be. For argument sake, let's say I was doing my impression of Martin O'Malley's economic policy.

One of the newer businesses in the area is Quest Diagnostics. This is not the first diagnostic place in Eldersburg. We also have Lab Corp. Now we can choose our favorite side of Liberty Road to get our blood taken! What a wonderful opportunity for us Carroll Countians!

The new Quest Diagnostics takes the place of the former leather shop, which went hand-in-hand with Pete's Cycle, which closed late last year (or early this year - I cannot remember).

So there's your new business news for the day! Stay tuned for more!

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