Saturday, July 09, 2011

Kevin Kamenetz Must Hate Owings Mills

Have you driven down Red Run Boulevard past the nearly abandoned Owings Mills Mall lately? I'm sure that back in the 1980's this "boulevard" was very nice. I even hear that Owings Mills Mall was once nice. I am doubtful, but others have told me it was nice. Perhaps this was before the murders, muggings, robberies, and car thefts.

Anyway, Red Run Boulevard, from Painter's Mill Road to Owings Mills Boulevard appears to resemble one of the dirt roads traversed by the Bo and Luke Duke in the backwoods of Georgia. I drove down this road last week and I think I may have broken a tie rod and cracked the transaxle, in addition to getting a headache and losing a filling.

This road is complete with cracks, crumbling chunks of asphalt laying across the road, pot holes, and broken curbs. This road is an absolute embarrassment for Baltimore County. You'd think with some major employers in the area, such as CareFirst and T. Rowe Price, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz would want to do all he could to make the roads to and from these places as nice as can be. Imagine how these large employers feel when they have to explain to their clients why the roads near their campuses are worse than inner city ghetto streets.

I did a Google search for Kevin+Kamenetz+wants+Owings+Mills+roads+repaired. I got results for extending Owings Mills Boulevard to Liberty Road (a project which isn't going to happen), speed cameras, and some dated articles from The Sun about Kamenetz. But nothing about repairing the roads.

Does Kevin Kamenetz hate Owings Mills? Does he want the mall to fail (this is making a wild statement that the mall hasn't already failed)? Does he hate large employers in Baltimore County? Why is he not spending money to repair Red Run Boulevard? The world may never know. Perhaps he no longers wants to be the Baltimore County Executive.

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mdduckman said...

I can assure you that mall, when it opened in 1986, was great...I was there. Ask any of my fellow RHS grads from 86 - 90-ish, and they'll tell you the same thing. However, the mall quickly took a nosedive and now can't really even be called a mall. It is a dump, and that road reflects it. It's just like the roads in Randallstown, which I know you won't believe, but was a nice middle class area back in the 60's - 80's, but like the mall, quickly became sketchy in the 90's. The roads are horrible there too. And I think you're right about Kamenetz... :^)

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