Monday, July 04, 2011

Mainstreet Eldersburg - Empty Promises?

You all remember the Mainstreet Eldersburg project that's scheduled to be built in 2007, right? It's on that empty plot of plan behind Wal-Mart and Safeway. How long has that been sitting there watching the weeds grow?

Black Oak Associates, the owner of the property, had promised the new shopping center as a main street shopping district with "green" construction. There were going to be higher-end stores, unlike their other property, Carrolltown Center, which seems to cater to people not from Eldersburg with its low-rent tenants.

Then the economy of Maryland collapsed. Then the cost of construction material for "green" construction went up. I'm really not sure what the delay is now. Are they waiting for the nationwide economic recovery? Do we have to wait until Obama and Martin O'Malley are out of office?

Previously on the corner there were a couple of signs that proudly informed passers-by of the forthcoming shopping center. Now - there is nothing there but poles. What's going on? Is Black Oak Associates canning the project? Or did someone steal the valuable signs? Or were they vandalized and removed as a prank?

Regardless, it seems like the joke has been on us. That property hasn't changed in the 12 years that I've been living in Eldersburg. I would not be surprised at all if that land is still fallow in another 12 years. And I'm sure we'll still hear Black Oak Associates proudly telling us that the plan is still in the works and should begin soon. How many times have we heard that?


hussle87 said...

Actually according to a article they are reworking the development.

and I also found this

mdduckman said...

Black Oak could care less about our community - that is obvious...I think the executives from Black Oak should add the following tag line to their business cards: "We're working on it..." Yeah right, and the checks in the mail, and I have a bridge to sell you, and I promise not, you get the point.

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