Monday, August 01, 2011

Beach Trip, Part IV - Thank You

I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of the donors to the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation. They provided meals, activities, boat rides, and gifts to all of the families that stayed there this week. And they do this week after week.

Hooper's Crab House donated a crab feast for all of the families. We all got to eat in a boat and it was all you can eat crabs, shrimp, chicken, corn balls, and corn on the cob. Yummy! And, they have a claw machine with lobsters in it and the father of one of the families just won it because he wanted to prove he could win it. He asked the other families if they wanted the lobster and no one spoke up, so I claimed it. I did share it with my family. And one of the mom's who started hovering once it was steamed and delivered. And it poured down rain during dinner. On the boat. Tied to the pier. Out in the water.

The Fractured Prune gave us another dozen donuts - which rocked. There's not too much that is more awesomer than getting donuts custom-made as they're pulled out of the dough fryer. And where else can you get chocolate mint donuts, hon?

In the 500 or so many times I've been to Ocean City, I don't think I've ever escaped the barrier island without a rigorous game of miniature golf. I despise the fact that my 11 year old daughter regularly beats me now. No. I'm not letting her win. She just does. Err....

I didn't get a picture of the place, but La Hacienda also provided meals for our family and at least one another family one night. We had to be there at 5pm before the big crowd, but the food was good. And plenty of it. And my wife liked the fact that a young Matthew MccConaughey worked there. Not sure why she got so excited. She's married to the studliest guy west of Liberty Reservoir.

Planet Maze also provided a one-day family pass for us. We enjoyed a few games of laser-tag, which my son absolutely dominated. I'm not sure how he did it, but he figured out something. My youngest daughter got to play in the climbing tubes, though we intelligently stayed away from the bacteria-laden ball pit.

Finally the United States Coast Guard's Ocean City unit provided a tour and rides our of their bay-side port, through the Inlet, and out into the Ocean. It's a pretty cool boat. The mates were all like kids to me. Unfortunately, there were no cannons on the boat, nor did we do any search and seizures of drug runners or out of control college girls acting inappropriately. But it was still a good ride.

I know there are other donors to this wonderful organization, but I can't remember them all. They all know who they are and we thank you!

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