Sunday, March 28, 2010

You'd Be a Fool If...

you thought Bob Ehrlich was not going to decide sometime in the future if he will decide on running for an office or not.

if you thought that Obama's new healthcare plan actually covered all Americans. It only covers about an additional 10-20 million more Americans, many of whom already have access to health insurance via their spouse.

you believe the government when they say that inflation is under control.

you think that the Chinese aren't going to control our economy in 20 years.

you think I'm going to lose 15 pounds by the time I go on vacation in July.

you think I don't enjoy watching hockey on my new 52" HD television with 16 speaker-sound.

you think the Orioles will do any better than last place this year.

you think I can get my 2 year old to bed before 10pm.

you think everyone loves those GEICO commercials.

you think that Dr. Pepper is better than Mr. Pibb.

you think John Sarbanes loves being a Congressman. He's got higher offices in mind. Hopefully we can do something about that. Preferably in a 14th story building in a law firm rather than an office in Congress.

you think that the University of North Carolina will be horrible again next year.

you think that John Edwards will ever be elected to office again after cheating on his wife while she was battling cancer.

you think that Comcast will eventually stop raising their rates faster than the rate of inflation.

you think we haven't had enough of Kate Gossling, the Duggars, and Lindsay Lohan.

you don't think this is the most horrible season of American Idol.

you don't think Martin O'Malley will run for U.S. Senate after Babs Mikulski retires in 6 years.

you think 'moving Maryland forward' means anything other than Democrats getting their way.

you don't think that Black Pepper Jack Doritos were the best snack food ever made.

you don't think that Winthrop University's men's basketball team is the most awesomest mid-major in Division I.

you don't think some physical education teachers in Carroll County Public Schools don't have anger-management problems.

you think I'm impressed that your kid is on 'travel'.

you think I don't like chicken.

you don't think I'm wrapping up this post so that I can go to bed.

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