Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back to States' Rights - Not Really

Hard left-wing liberal Maryland Senators Babs Mikulski and Ben Cardin have submitted a bill to the Senate to remove control of locating liquefied natural gas facilities from the federal government to the state. Currently the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has the power to place these facilities where they think they will best serve the country, regardless of what the states and the people want.

The bill that our Senators submitted would effectively repeal a 2005 law that transferred the power to the commission. Both Senators are praising their own efforts to give the power back to the people of the states, despite years of ripping power away from the people.

However, any smart person can figure this one out. Marty O'Malley doesn't want to bring more jobs to Maryland. He wants to keep as many people in Maryland either on the payroll of the government or dependent on hand-outs from the government, thus securing Democratic votes. If we start allowing companies to come here and create jobs, people will start thinking about keeping their money and liberty and all of those other dangerous thoughts.

A couple hundred people protested this LNG gas facility and the route it would take into Pennsylvania. However, you never see people coming out to support new business - just to protest new business. If the facility and pipeline were already built, then people who moved here most likely wouldn't bat an eye at the fact that there's a natural gas line running down the road.

Opponents claim that it will be a target for terrorists. Just like all the other gas pipelines that have been attacked in the United States? So while Babs and Benny are claiming that this bill will give the states the right to decide what we want to do, the real reason is that Marty doesn't want it and if he gets to make the decision, then it isn't going to happen.

And again, Maryland will lose another opportunity to move forward.

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